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The roots of what VIPOV is today were born in 1985, but it is about two decades later that the company evolves to the production of plants. The plant nursery run by Ana Lúcia Lopes has 16 hectares and a production that exceeds 105,000 plants per year in more than 7 export destinations.

In 2021 the remarkable development of the company and the ambition to expand pushed for the need of a new branding and a website, that’s when Bavaroise came in. We rolled up our sleeves and went to meet the owner and the facilities at Póvoa do Lanhoso, Portugal. There we immediately fall in love with the space, textures, colors and the huge variety of plants.

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The best part of doing our job is to get in the clients world and let the inspiration fill our heads. Since the new brand needed to translate the business core of today – ornamentals plants in 10L pots – also its variety of species and breed a modern look, we grabbed the camera and looked for the keywords to settle our starting point.


Gathering all the information and questioning Lúcia like kids on a field trip, we found the main concept: The pots! They were everywhere, the crib of every plant at VIPOV, where each plant is carefully hydrated and operations seek to protect the soil and biodiversity of the surroundings.

The new brand was born and well received by Lúcia, family and team. The next steps were to build the website, photoshoots and a corporate video. For this last challenge we collaborate with the Native Birds, a lovely and talented couple of videographers.

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The agricultural sector is the most unlikely for any creative, in this case, the success of the solutions founded by Bavaroise managed to give all the spirit of the company, making us truly happy.

Ana Lúcia Lopes

Founder, VIPOV

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