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An engaged couple had to reschedule their wedding due to Coronavirus (2020) and this was the best way to celebrate their love, on the same day of the supposed marriage, a surprise gift was delivered: “Incredible journey” a full custom puzzle illustrating a whole new archipelago made of memories and all the countries the couple had visited.

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Inês, the groom’s sister, approached us to help her to develop a surprise gift. Since one of our branches and passion is to create games & toys we became very excited with the idea of making a new puzzle.

Inspired by Waldo books, this detailed illustration is not just a puzzle, but also a game to find missing objects, from the proposal ring to the lost groom’s glasses. After a long questionnaire, we gathered all the list of countries, stories, memories and habits of the couple.

 We also asked for some couple photos and sketched the “map” to share with the client, where some details were added.

The sentence “You are the missing piece” may be a cheesy sentence, but a unique and “tailor-made” puzzle is an incredible gift!

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illustration detail
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