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Italian food experience


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Imagine sitting with people you know nothing about and enjoying every moment tasting eight types of authentic Italian pizza cooked in front of you –  this is one of the experiences Soprano wants to bring to their customers in Oman.
Chef Sami and Alshima approached us for a collection of illustrations which could translate Soprano experience and we were thrilled to help.

Pizza Photo
Logo Redesign


After aligned time zones, we schedule a meeting to discuss each scene and get to know the couple. To choose the illustration style was easy, since the clients came to us having as references one of Bavaroise projects. In the meeting we also suggested adding some animation loops. When it comes to illustration, we usually present a sketch first and color palette, so the process was smooth and clear.

At the beginning of the year (2022), this small business was starting to take its first steps, so not only we made the illustrations, but also we ended up recommending a redesign of the Soprano logo, which was well received. After it, we delivered a small brand kit to help the couple develop the further communication pieces made by themselves.

old logo
Redesign Logo
Pizza illustration
Soprano color palette
Soprano Illustrations
Soprano Illustrations
Chef Sami Photo
Chef Sami Photo detail
Honestly, one of my best experiences dealing with designers outside my country.
You were so professional in matters of communication with your customer, quick response, willing to help and suggest, and your commitment is so valuable and that was what made us happy in this experience.
Chef Sami

Founder, Soprano

Illustration Chef Oven
Pizza Photo
Pizza Gif
Ingredients illustration
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