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Bavaroise is a design studio specialized in brand identities and Illustration content creation. Which means we do a big range of services between those two fields.

We like to work closely with the clients, where we share our process and listen to your ideas and goals to guide you through the best path. Scroll to see our methodology – How we work.

Time and investment are your ticket ride and we are your GPS and partner on this trip. You can visit our portfolio to see the range of projects we collected along the way.

Graphic Design

→ Branding
→ Print | Publicity
→ Signs
→ Packaging | Label
→ Brochures | Catalogs
→ Poster

Digital Design

→ Instagram feed
→ Website | E-commerce
→ Newsletters
→ Banners
→ Icons
→ GIFs


→ Character | Mascot
→ Boardgames
→ Book Cover
→ Wedding Invitation
→ Children Book Editorial
→ Animated Illustration

How we work in 5 steps












Any project starts with a conversation with the client, where we hear your story, inspirations and more important your goals. Then we ask some questions to fill, what we call, “the missing gaps”.
After filtering the relevant information, we complete the briefing with the client. This includes all the deadlines, list of contents provided by the client and deliverables that we settle together.

Sometimes, if necessary we scheduled a visit to the client space, in order to know better their business, location or product.
After the client validation, we are ready to start the project.



The second step is to build a moodboard. In other words is a canvas where we translate into images what we visualize for the project/brand before starting to create. It gathers some research and inspiration, essential to create the color palette, to choose the typography, to design graphic elements or to define a style of illustration. We share the moodboard with you to discuss possible ways or different approaches to reach the final result.

This way we narrow the space between expectation and reality. To ensure the client is thrilled with the chosen path before we start the next step.


During this step, we do a lot of sketches and explorations until we establish a solution that reflects the briefing purpose. After reaching the final design, we start working on the visual identity or illustration content where we apply color, typefont, background images or graphic elements to define the positioning, sensations, mood and attitude that we want to show and connect with the target audience.

To better understand the flexibility of a brand or illustration content, we apply the solution in printed and digital media, different dimensions and/or contexts. What we call “the mockups”, for example: a business card, a cover book or an email signature. It depends on what was outlined in the briefing. As a result, we scheduled a meeting to present one final solution.



The presentation, it’s a meeting where we present the final results in a slideshow that includes the briefing summary, the approved moodboard, the creation process and concept behind the solution.

We ask you to review and provide feedback to the chosen concept/visual. Included in this method are 2 rounds of small revisions.


Finally, after the client’s approval, we prepare a folder with all the final materials to send by email or to share on an online drive. And that‘s it!
You’re ready to launch your project and use the deliverables we provide. If you requested any additional services, we are here to follow you on the next briefing.

Hope you are more clarified about our methodology, if you still have questions you can reach us by email, we will be glad to help in your next project.


Now that you know a little more about how we work