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For more than 150 years, BRS Shipbrokers have been publishing a wide range of analyses on the shipbuilding and shipping markets.
In the dynamic world of shipping, it takes a collaborative approach to find the right vessel to transport a wide range of cargo around the world. Investing in the growth of their teams allows them to build lasting relationships, expand their market knowledge, and support the foundation of the business.

The marketing department collaborated with Bavaroise to elevate its online and internal image. This involved crafting a new identity and tagline, producing digital brochures for distinct business lines, and developing a website that honors the company’s legacy dating back to 1856. The objective was to seamlessly blend the company’s rich history with contemporary innovations. The redesigned identity aimed to highlight the company’s historical importance, and strengthen BRS Shipbrokers as a prominent brand through compelling visuals.

BRS Logo Variation


BRS was created from the initials of the company’s founders: “BARRY ROGLIANO SALLES”. With time BRS stands, not for their founders’ name, but for their business core. BRS for their peers is known as a major company of Shipbrokers, but after the acquisition of other companies (maritime data + IT platforms) and the creation of the BRS Group, both companies were often confused, and the way they distinguish themselves was not an easy and fast understanding. 

With great respect for BRS heritage and business core, we look ahead to transform
and combining its expertise with a new meaning, giving BRS Shipbrokers the direction and strength to hold its legacy while it keeps up with the future and its challenges.

“New routes, same direction” was the tagline created to support the new image. 
We selected marine blue and gold for the main palette and drew elegant lines as routes with a small ship icon inspired by the world shipping traffic. Additionally, you created a graphic universe with shapes, icons, textures, maritime elements, and a selected image gallery to implement in all the offline and online pieces across the 12 business lines.

The launch of the new image was on 15th June in Athens, all clients were graciously invited to witness the occasion, culminating in the presentation of a video, punctuated by a spectacular display of fireworks.

BRS Shipbrokers Typography
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BRS Shipbrokers Presentation
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On the day of the brand launch, the new website was unveiled. It was the culmination of a six-month marathon dedicated to creating a design that not only captured the essence of our identity but also provided a dynamic experience for visitors. Additionally, we integrated a search system to facilitate the easy location of a broker or business line across the 23 locations.

Achieving this remarkable outcome was a collaborative effort, as we worked closely with Zarbo team to synchronize our vision and translate it into a responsive and visually appealing website.

BRS Shipbrokers Website - Business Lines
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BRS Shipbrokers Icons
Working with Bavaroise was a delight. Their ability to understand clients and interpret brands uniquely always exceeded our expectations. They maintain a close relationship with clients and exhibit extreme professionalism. Deadlines are consistently met, and the ideas shared are exceptional.
We wouldn’t choose any other studio for our demanding and challenging rebranding project.
Mariana Barbosa

Head of Marketing Strategy, BRS Shipbrokers

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