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To pursue the dream of running their own business, Pedro and Marlene quit their jobs and decided to open Berlim Timtim selling bolas de berlim near the beach during all summer and offering takeaway service during the rest of year.
Bolas de Berlim is a typical pastry, similar to doughnut with no central hole, made from sweet yeast dough fried oil, filling usually with egg cream and conventional sugar on top. 
And if you’re not already mouth-watering with this description, they also offer different fillings like chocolate, jam, hazelnut cream or with no filling at all.



Playful illustrations and a custom type logo created the identity for the small street pastry company. Bolas de Berlim in Portugal has, with no doubt, a close connection with summer and beach, and although it can be eaten during all year, we discussed with the couple to build an identity with, what we called, a “taste of summer”.

Finally Berlim Timtim has a fun phonetic which was an invite to introduce illustration, that references classic 1950s beach design, in all its playful and two color selection. And also a wavy and “fat”, but unique logotype. As a pastry service, Bavaroise also created the illustration elements to complement the wordmark, this additional element functions as a package, stickers and pattern emphasizing the identity’s informality and playfulness.

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