From Portugal to the world

Bavaroise is a design & illustration studio specialized in brand identities and Illustration content creation. Based in Portugal, the studio offers brand strategy and design services to companies around the world, from big to small clients. And explores the infinite possibilities that illustration can have on a product or service storytelling.

It was founded by two twin sisters, Maria Carlos Cardeiro and Maria Miguel Cardeiro with more than 8 years of experience working on the field in remarkable Design and Advertising Agencies. In 2021 they decided to combine their skills and get close to clients, sharing their creative process, struggles and success. Bavaroise is a family team meaning they can offer a service that’s personal and welcoming.
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Maria Carlos Cardeiro

Founder & Designer

Pragmatic and proactive is what defines Maria Carlos. She has worked with several brands such as WWF, Samsung, Somersby and Microsoft presenting bold solutions.
For her the best thing about design and illustration projects is getting to learn about her clients. Each new project gives her the opportunity to find herself in a new and exciting creative place.

Maria Miguel Cardeiro

Founder & Designer

Curious by nature and with an impressive visual culture background, Maria Miguel can draw more quickly than write words to translate the most creative ideas. Capable of directing a movie or designing a full digital campaign, her multidisciplinary interests open doors to different approaches.
“The project success can be measured when the distance between the concept and the application is very short. Because there are plenty of good ideas, but the trick is to shape them to reality and make it clear to its audience.”

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