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18th Street Hostel is a century-old house located in the center of Espinho, where you will find the beach and a long coastline to explore just a minute away. Also the opportunity to experience the local culture, within walking distance, through the market and the arrival of fishermen boats, while you choose the freshest fish for dinner.
The Hostel vibe stands for “Sleep, Surf, Eat, Repeat” and back in 2015 we were invited by Diogo, the host, to make all the brand and design of this historical place.



Only after a few visits to the place to catch its details, architecture and color set, we settled  that the iconic facade of the house was, aesthetically speaking,  its “Unique Selling Proposition ” combined by its location, next to the sea. The symbol was chosen for the delight of the host and his “Big Momma”, since the house was a family heritage.

For the font type drawing, one thing was clear, the name of the hostel had its street name, for those who don’t know, Espinho is a very flat city, with an odd geometry, as the streets are either parallel to the sea (even numbers) or perpendicular to it (odd numbers). So the idea behind it was to emphasize those straight lines and in a small visual play we made a detail on the “H” letters, where you can identify a bunked bed, representing the hostel’s typical furniture.

Sun (orange) and ocean waves (blue) were the color pair selected for the brand identity and the inspiration for the pictograms/signs and all the brand communication.

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