We are a design & illustration studio.
Drawing brands and ideas closely with our clients.

Showcase of recent projects of Bavaroise Design
Showcase of recent projects of Bavaroise Design
Gedii New logo and visual using a 3d purple shape on a orange background


IBD Study Group

Happy Gang Packaging

Desbloqueadores de Conversas

Happy Gang

BRS Shipbrokers Branding

BRS Shipbrokers

Since 1856

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We’re twin sisters which means we can be transparent to each other, making everything easier.
Since we share everything from ambition to risks, there’s no barriers between us. That’s why we had the urge to do the same with our clients, sharing knowledge, creative process and doubts, which led us to found Bavaroise, a design and illustration studio.
Clients know better than us what their struggles are and what they want for their business in the future, so we’re here to help them, together.
Maria Miguel Cardeiro e Maria Carlos Cardeiro

Graphic Design

→ Branding
→ Print | Publicity
→ Signs
→ Packaging | Label
→ Brochures | Catalogs
→ Poster

Digital Design

→ Instagram feed
→ Website | E-commerce
→ Newsletters
→ Banners
→ Icons
→ GIFs


→ Character | Mascot
→ Boardgames
→ Book Cover
→ Wedding Invitation
→ Children Book Editorial
→ Animated Illustration

Some of the clients we had the pleasure to work with



Looking for a name or a brand identity (logo) for your business?

Great! If you are starting a business or rethinking how to better communicate your product or service it’s fundamental to have an identity that suits the brand’s purpose, connects with your audience and stands out on a highly competitive market. Your brand identity is not just a logo or a symbol. In Bavaroise we do branding projects closely with our clients, building a strong visual DNA. Every step of the way it’s important, from choosing a color palette, a typography, a unique logo, a tone of voice, an attitude, illustration or graphic elements for your brand. Get to know our methodology here or contact us to help you out, together.


Do you have a product and need a design packaging or a label?

We are here to support you. When you have an excellent product to sell, it is essential to create a packaging that values its quality and above all, that stands out from its competitors. But it is also important to consider the production costs in order to reduce the cost of sales and increase the profit margin. And finally, nowadays, we can’t ignore the ambiental impact of a product and we need to rethink a sustainable approach. Let’s have a talk to find out the best solution for you.

What's the power and influence of illustration?

Illustration is a visual explanation of a concept or message. Nowadays, it has become a powerful medium to communicate in a distinct way. We specialize in digital illustration, a service that offers lots of possibilities and styles. It can be used to animate and explain a process on a website, to introduce the step by step of an app, to invite someone to read your book or to give life to a mascot. Colorful or monochromatic, geometric or organic, outlined or flat shape, etc. Confused with so many options? We help you to find the best style to illustrate your wine label, music festival or album cover.

Does your brand need visual content on Instagram?

“Social media killed the tv star”. Nowadays it is crucial for brands to have a social media presence to engage with customers. But you can’t connect with them just by posting prices and sales. It’s essential to establish different types of content for your audience to feel related and aligned with your brand values. Let’s get digital.

Do you need web design for your business?

Since the pandemic many brands have felt the need to have an online presence and the best way to do it is through a website, a space where the visitor goes to consult and learn more about your business. Whether it is e-commerce to sell a product easily and safely or a simple landing page to know your story, a website is an extension of the brand, and it must reflect the brand’s DNA. Not forgetting it must obey to some rules to become user friendly and responsive (e.g. adapted for smartphones). Get in touch with us to take this step.

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